I Apologize

I apologize for my recent absence. I have been writing for a living! I mean, wow! Writing and earning money has always been a dream of mine. I'm still not making money hand over fist, but hey, it is still being paid for doing something I am passionate about. To show my appreciation for your [...]

A Funny Page to Say, Thank You!

I wanted to do something special for you today, so I am giving you a funny page. This page is themed around (surprise!) baseball. I happen to love the game myself and have backed the Cubs since the 1980s. Enjoy! And thanks again for your patience while I regrouped. I feel much better!f Shirley First [...]

International Association of Peer Supporters Day

The power of peer support cannot be expressed in simple terms. Who better to aid a person who is severe mental pain than someone who has been there themselves. Peer supporter is a growing field, enabling many who have achieved success in dealing with their own emotional disorders to offer a hand up to those [...]