Dissociative Identity Disorder, A Global Phenomenon

Many mental health professionals and people in the public have the impression that dissociative identity disorder was a fad from the 80s and 90s. They believe erroneously that people who present with an altered state of consciousness like is present with DID are either faking it, have been led down the garden path by an unscrupulous therapist or that it is only found in the United States.

There are many, many research papers that prove these beliefs to be wrong, and one of the first articles I read (listed below) told the story of how DID is found globally.

So, please read this page I found outlining the prevalence of DID around the world. It has been around for a while and is not new to me or many of you out there in Internet land but it is an important resource.

Source: Dissociative Identity Disorder Globally

The painting I used as my featured image was painted by Abbey Watkins. Check out more of her fantastic work HERE


2 thoughts on “Dissociative Identity Disorder, A Global Phenomenon

  1. DID Research is an excellent source on DID which I have referred to on several occasions. And, they keep it updated and current!
    I am so happy that you write these articles, Shirley! You are a Champion, in my book!!!


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