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See for free two PDF’s of my books on Dissociative Identity Disorder


Good morning everyone. I finally figured out, thanks to a reader, how to place these PDF’s of two of my published books about my experiences with Dissociative Identity Disorder on my blog site. I hope you get a lot of hope and inspiration out of reading them. There is one more book available, Dissociative Identity Disorder: A First-Hand Account on Amazon.

I am not yet a mental health professional, but I am working hard toward that goal. These books as as well as In a Nutshell do not contain triggering information. Nor do they contain the where and who information about my traumatic past.

What they are full of are facts as I understood them at the time they were written. I have learned a whole lot more in the past two years, and am currently working on a book that will the Grandfather of all DID books bringing all the research and theories, as well as known facts, into one publication. Hopefully I will have that published by fall.

From now on, these books and their PDFs will be available by clicking the contact us icon either at the top of the page or the bottom.

So, enjoy these books in the spirit they are written, as a tool to help others.

If you have any questions or comments on them, please feel free to contact me through the blog. Also, if you would, leave a comment and rating on Amazon. I would be most grateful.

Shirley J. Davis


Becoming The Wonders of Integration


The_Tears_Will_Cease_Cover_for_Kindle small

The Tears Will Cease: Recovery from Dissociative Identity Disorder