The “Yes” Movement

It is time for us to open a dialogue about female sexual predation. Just say “Yes”, and start a movement that will hopefully end this tragedy.


There is only one thing worse than being sexually abused by a woman, that is the silence surrounding what happened.

How long will we as a society hide from the fact that sexual predation is NOT a crime exclusively executed by men?

At the risk of being called a copycat or worse, I am proposing a new movement.

It is a simple word, “Yes”.

Yes, I was a victim of a woman’s inappropriate touches.

Yes, I still carry the shame and guilt those encounters brought me.

Yes, I will no longer hid.

Yes, I will not hide, I will stand up and be counted.

Yes, the insanity of child abuse MUST end!

If you have been molested by a woman, please, say just one simple word.

Say “Yes”.





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