An Invitation from Author Shirley J. Davis


Shirley J. Davis

I would like to personally invite you to visit my blog site, Dissociative Identity Disorder in a Nutshell. As the name suggests, it is full of information and articles on trauma and a disorder I know a great deal about, DID.

I was diagnosed in 1990 with dissociative identity disorder, and have endured almost three decades of recovery through psychotherapy. As I have recovered, I have searched for helpful information on my diagnosis, but found that the resources available were either too triggering or written by Psychiatrists and Therapists in terms that were difficult to grasp. I decided to write my own books and have published three on the subject.

It is my hope that many of you will take me up on my offer to visit my blog site.

Is it fancy? No. It is not published or written by professionals, just me.

Is it full of hard to digest information? No. I have been very careful to only write and publish information on my blog that is non-triggering and full of information.

There is no cost to read my blog and no personal information is required. I do request that you leave me a comment telling me what you thought of it. If there is something I can improve on, I welcome your insights.

Please take time out of your busy schedules to visit today.

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