Measuring The Success of Therapy for Folks Living With DID

A Note from the author of Dissociative Identity Disorder in a Nutshell: Below is a very interesting scientific paper I found that is from the European Journal of Psychotramatology. It is a little hard to read, but the information it contains is fascinating. The paper is written about research done to determine if there is [...]

Shame in Adulthood

A scholarly paper on shame.

Why Do I Write About Dissociative Identity Disorder and Trauma?

I write a blog about life and trauma, why?

Whose Responsibility are My Feelings and Behaviors?

There can be no doubt that when we were children the adults in our lives were responsible to fulfill our expectations for comfort, shelter, and love. We deserved and had a right to have those expectations. Unfortunately, for many of us who experienced highly traumatizing childhoods, the natural expectations all children have were not met. [...]

The Difficult Question, “Why?”

Why? The most basic question of all survivors of childhood trauma.

Our World, Our Home, Earth

Earth is the only world we have, let's fight together to preserve it.

Dissociative Identity Disorder and Trauma

There are many articles online that speak about the formation of DID. This is only one of them.

Harvard Paper About DID

Real Information About DID from the Harvard Review

The Road Less Taken

Inspiration for moving forward in recovery comes from many places, even poetry. This is my story.

Life is Fatal

Death is inevitable, so why not live?

The Awesome Power of Words

Words shape who we are as humans. Using them wisely is an enormous responsibility.

I Deeply Apologize

I am so sorry. I meant no harm, but that is what I have done.

Further Words on Making the Decision to Live and Not Be Miserable

A further explanation of just what the hell I was talking about